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Common Problems of Hot Tubs & How to Fix Them: Part 1

There’s something magical about soaking in a hot tub. The hot, bubbly water and jets provide a mini escape and a way to unwind in a way that’s almost impossible to replicate. But what if your spa, the magic bullet for stress, becomes the source of it?

Spa owners often face problems with their hot tubs that genuinely raise concerns for them, especially sine it is an accessory that represents a serious investment. Trouble-shooting your own hot tub problems can seem like a daunting task. But it’s important to know when it’s necessary to call on a licensed repair-man, or when is it possible to make a simple repair and save a bundle.

Given below are a list of first three common hot tub problems and how to fix them:

How to Fix hot Tub Leaks?

Hot tub leaks can be extremely frustrating as they are quite hard to locate. Although it is impossible to cover every possible leak and repair guide, some of the most common places leaks occur are:

1. The Pump - The spa pump is one of the most common location of leaks. To find the leak, all you have to do is to turn the power off and look under the pump for leaking water. If you do find it, you probably might have to replace the pump seal or the entire pump.

2. The Heater - Once the pump is eliminated from the list, it is time to check the entire hot tub heater assembly. This consists of the heater, pressure switch, and a few other components. If water is leaking from any one of them, you might have to order new heater parts and replace them.

3. Union Fittings - The union fittings around the hot tub pump and the heater are another common cause for leaks. Check if If any of these union fittings are loose. If they are, tighten them by hand and there shouldn't be any problem anymore.

How to fix Hot Tub Jet problems?

The jets are the most amazing parts of a spa. Not being able to experience that soothing feeling as the jets churn warm water is annoying. The most common jet problems are:

1. Unsteady Flow - Sometimes your jet might be gushing a pulsated flow instead of normal steady ones. In such cases the problem could be one of three:

a. The water level of your spa might be lower than the factory specs. If this is so, air might be making way into the system causing the jet to pulsate.

b. Your hot tub filter might be too clogged or dirty. This might be preventing the water from flowing through the system. To avoid this, you will have to clean or even purchase a new spa filter to fix it.

c.The lines of your hot tub could be blocked in which case you will have to locate the blockage and remove it. Or your pump is shot, which will have to be replaced.

2. No pressure - This usually happens when air has gotten into your system. To fix this, you will have to bleed the air out of your pump. Loosen the coupling on the pipe and turn the pump on and listen to the air being pumped out with a hissing noise. Once you see a cloumn of water coming from the system, it indicates that the air is out. Tighten your coupling and enjoy your spa.

How to fix Hot Tub Heating Problems?

If the water in your spa is not hot, it jsut doesn't give you that amazing experience you're looking for. Some common issues hot tub owners often face are:

1. Spa not staying hot - If the water in the tub heats up well but doesn't stay that way, there ight be a possibility of your filter being clogged. A good cleaning of the filter will do just great. Other than that, it could be that your heat sensors are faulty and able to maintain the water temparature. These hot tub heat sensors will have to be replaced. Apart from this, also make sure that the water is curculating well and there is no clogging in the plumbing.

2. Spa not heating - If the water in your spa is cooler than it should be, then you should first check if your filter is clean and in good condition. If it is, you simply might have a bad heating element which can only be fixed by being replaced.

3. Fluctuating Temperatures - If the water in your hot tub is fine when you get into it but five minutes later cools down to a temparature equivalent to that in Antartica and five minutes later again heats up to a level that might force you to take a trip to the burn unit of the hospital, your temaparture sensor has started to go. You might want to replace the sensors immediately and also check on the thermostat while you are at it.