Magnum Series

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Basket Pump Magnum Force/Force 3 9" pre-02/03 16108606R

Basket, Pump, Carvin Magnum Force/Force 3, 9", pre-02/03 16108606R

Basket Pump OEM Magnum Force 12" with Flap 02/03+ 16113409R

Basket, Pump, OEM Carvin Magnum Force 12" with Flap 02/03+ 16113409R

Bolt Magnum 3/8-16 x 7/8" Quantity 4 14129324R4

Bolt, Carvin Magnum, 3/8-16 x 7/8", Quantity 4 14129324R4

Housing Bracket Magnum Motor 02136802R

Housing Bracket, Carvin Magnum, Motor 02136802R

Jacuzzi Magnun Strainer Cover 47035803R

Jacuzzi Magnun Strainer Cover 47035803R

Lock Nut Magnum Seal Plate 42288605R

Lock Nut, Carvin Magnum, Seal Plate 42288605R

Motor 1.5hp 230v 2-speed 56jfr c-face thd sts1152r

Motor 1.5hp 230v 2-Speed 56Jfr C-Face Thd Sts1152R

Pump Stand Magnum Force 12112603R

Pump Stand, Carvin Magnum Force 12112603R

Ratchet Magnum Mounting Nut 42286708R

Ratchet, Carvin Magnum, Mounting Nut 42286708R

Reverse Flow Flapper Magnum 16113510R

Reverse Flow Flapper, Carvin Magnum 16113510R

Seal Plate Magnum 0.75thp-1.0thp All Date Codes 02139301R

Seal Plate, Carvin Magnum, 0.75thp-1.0thp, All Date Codes 02139301R

Trap Lid Magnum R P 39257902R

Trap Lid, Carvin Magnum, R, P 39257902R

Trap/Pump Body Magnum Force 42234506K

Trap/Pump Body, Carvin Magnum Force 42234506K

Trap/Pump Body Magnum Force with Plugs 02/03+ 03090602R

Trap/Pump Body, Carvin Magnum Force, with Plugs, 02/03+ 03090602R

Trap/Pump Body Magnum Force3 w/Plugs 02/03+ 3" 03090701R

Trap/Pump Body, Carvin Magnum Force3, w/Plugs, 02/03+, 3" 03090701R

Wear Ring Various Pumps 4.0thp-5.0thp All Dates 10146314R

Wear Ring, Carvin, Various Pumps, 4.0thp-5.0thp, All Dates 10146314R